Kitten Haven

Learning more about Kittens

We run free courses on caring for kittens, how to understand their behaviour and needs. How to help them feel safe and support them if they are unwell.


Taking Care of your Kitten

A new kitten is your new family member. Like children they need to be cared for and helped to understand how to be part of your family.

Feeding, playing, resting are all essential to good health and balance. Stress can cause unwanted behavioural and health problems.

Support is provided to help you and your kitten.


Healing Therapy

Learn natural therapy techniques to help your kitten, these can include constructive play, training, massage, tension release, calming techniques and energy healing.

Take a short course or make an appointment.


Learn to be a Cat Whisperer

Cat Whispering isn't a magical thing done by gifted people, you can learn to do it.

It is the science of understanding what makes your cat relaxed, happy and receptive. It means observing fully,  understanding the world as your cat sees it, thereby giving them what they need.

Attunement to their needs is Cat Whispering.

This online course will be weekly via Zoom, questions can be sent in beforehand each week.
Send an email if you would like to join.

helping your kitten

Support and Adoption Fees

Our support and seminars are offered by donation. We ask for an adoption fee to cover expenses for our kittens
What’s included

Sign up for an online seminar on understanding and caring for your kitten


Healing Therapy

Learn to help your kitten overcome trauma, fear or injury with gentle holistic methods.


Kitten School

Learn how to train your new kitten. What to do if problems arise.


Adoption Fee

This covers de-sexing and micro-chipping, worm and flea treatment and ongoing support.



This covers  the first vaccination against common viruses and diseases that can be fatal.