Kitten Haven
Help our kittens


Any funds received will go towards helping our kittens. Firstly towards medical expenses and then towards enriching their lives with toys and high quality food.

Medical Expenses

Felix needs your help

Felix is a young kitten with a very sweet nature who was found living under a container. He has a lung infection which means he needs medication, x-rays and frequent vet visits. He is improving day by day and with your help gets a chance of becoming a very lovely cat.


Toys for Kittens

Kittens need to be stimulated, to help them develop their coordination, to direct their energy and to play together with other kittens to develop their social skills. We are currently needing a cat tree and a tunnel for the kittens.

Special Food

Supplements & Foods

As kittens are growing, like children they need good quality foods to develop well. A healthy kitten becomes a healthy cat. Here they receive special kitten food, supplements, bone broth, healthy treats and natural remedies as needed.